At EMD, you never have to compromise world-class quality and service for reasonable pricing.  Our rates are a fraction of the Big 4 and other national tax firms.  We offer a variety of flexible pricing options, including the following:

This traditional structure provides the highest quality services for reasonable hourly rates.  Unlike many other national tax or law firms, we do not charge our clients in increments of every 6 minutes.  So, feel free to pick up the telephone and give us a call.  This pricing method is available for all the EMD services.
This unique fee structure charges the client a fee equal to a percentage of the financial benefit actually received (i.e., refund, assessment reduction, increased tax attributes, etc.).  Pursuant to this pricing structure, EMD shares the risk of success with its clients and allows clients to fund their obligation from tax savings.  At EMD, the client always maintains control over the final decision-making of each recommendation.  This pricing method is typically an option available for Reverse State Tax Audits, State Tax Audit Assistance and State Tax Assessment Reductions.
Fixed Fee Per Return:
This straight-forward fee structure charges a flat amount for each tax return prepared, plus a possible additional per entity adjustment.  This pricing method allows the client to get a much better understanding of the true pricing before the tax return preparation is commenced.  If you’re experienced with this pricing method, then you know the importance to avoid certain surprises and sticking to your budget.  This pricing method is available for certain Tax Compliance services.
Fixed Monthly Fee:
This easy-to-budget fee structure charges the client a fixed fee for each month of service provided.  Unlike with most other national tax firms, you know your expense each and every month well in advance, without any unexpected and inconsistent additional charges.  This pricing method may be set up for Tax Research, Tax Consulting, Tax Audit Assistance and Resolving Tax Notices.
Flat Fee:
This simple fee structure charges the client one inclusive fee for the entire specific service being provided.  Unlike many other national tax firms, we sympathize that often times this is the only pricing method that allows clients to truly compare pricing proposals due to existing complexities.  If you’re experienced with this pricing method, then you understand that this pricing method eliminates any hidden or supplemental charges that tend to show up in the final invoice.  This pricing method is available for many of the EMD services.