Tax Compliance

Many tax departments are staffed very lean and sometimes need assistance in managing its tax compliance burdens.  Therefore, EMD Tax Consulting is proud to assist you with the following tax compliance services:

Current-Period Tax Compliance 

  • Preparation

  • EMD is available to assist your tax group, onsite or off-site, with the preparation of your company’s current-period Income, Franchise,Sales/Use and/or Property tax filings, including, but not limited to:
  • Federal income tax return preparation (e.g., 1120, 1065, etc.), quarterly estimated payments and annual extensions;
  • Separate, combined and/or unitary state and local income/franchise income tax returns, quarterly estimated payments and annual extensions;
  • Short-Period or Stub-Period income tax returns;
  • Annual Business Licenses and Annual Report filings for all U.S. taxing jurisdictions;
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual Sales/Use tax returns for all U.S. and Canadian taxing jurisdictions; 
  • Semi-annual and annual Property tax Declarations, Assessments and Billings for all U.S. and Canadian taxing jurisdictions; and
  • Administrative assistance to copy, scan, compile folders/binders, prepare certified green cards/white slips, provide mailing services and/or provide support for the preparers/reviewers.
  • Review

EMD is also available to conduct an on-site or off-site review of these current-period filings.  This review can be designated at the following levels:

- Initial Review:
This detailed lower-level review is designed to take place directly from the tax preparer, which will then get submitted to a Tax Manager or Senior Tax Manager for second-level review.

- Secondary Review:
This mid-level technical review is designed to take place after a Tax Manager or Senior Tax Manager has completed the first-level review, which will then get submitted to a Tax Director or VP of Tax for signature.

- Final Review:
This high-level review is designed to take place after a Tax Director or VP of Tax has completed a final internal review or in situations where your tax department has a temporary vacancy for that position.  With this review option, EMD is the final reality/materiality check and the signor of the tax returns.


Amended State/City Income Tax Returns

Federal audit RAR’s, Federal 1120X amended returns and Federal 1139 amended returns can create a massive state/city tax compliance burden on tax departments that are responsible for multi-state companies.  EMD is available to eliminate this entire burden from your tax department, by offering the following full-service process so that all you need to do is sign and mail out the amended tax returns:

  • Data copying and on-site pickup of all relevant records at your office,
  • Onsite or Offsite preparation and completion of signature-ready amended tax returns with all required workpapers,
  • Hardcopy or PDF copies of each completed amended tax return,
  • Certified green cards or proof of mailing cards and white slips completed and provided for each amended tax return,
  • Resolution of notices related specifically to the amended tax returns, AND
  • The opportunity to receive all of your amended tax returns completed for a “net” cost of ZERO by adding-on the Reverse Tax Audit service!

In many instances, the Reverse Tax Audit service produces sufficient tax benefits (i.e., tax refunds, carryover attributes, etc.) that equal or exceed the cost of the Amended State/City Income Tax Returns service. See the Reverse Tax Audit section of this website for more details.