EMD's Team

A tax firm is only as good as its Leader and Team of tax experts! 

Ernest M. DeMeneses, CPA, MST, MBA utilizes his decades of tax experience at the highest national levels to lead EMD Tax Consulting, everyday, hands-on.  You will not find a better Leader in the tax industry.

He utilized that world-class tax experience to create two unique tax specialty groups (the Fortune 1000 Tax Specialty Group and the Individual/Small Biz Tax Specialty Group), consisting of true tax experts who are Certified Public Accountants, Tax Attorneys, Masters of Science in Taxation, etc.  They all bring a tax-related specialty into the mix.  Together, they are Team EMD and they focus with one mentality on EMD's Mission, Core Values and Vision. 

EMD's Fortune 1000 Tax Specialty Group advises and assists Fortune 1000 companies across all industries throughout North America, including corporate tax departments of some of the largest, publicly-held, multi-billion dollar companies in the world.

EMD's Individual/Small Biz Tax Specialty Group advises and assists Individuals/Small Businesses of all sizes and industries throughout the United States, from the teenage student working part-time to the multi-million dollar multi-state company with several hundred employees.

Team EMD was selected with one goal in mind, which is being/staying the best overall tax firm.  Not the biggest or the wealthiest tax firm, but the BEST tax firm!  

Bio's are available, upon request, to EMD's prospective Clients.