Miscellaneous Tax Projects

Most tax professionals go to work each day with a plan to attack their “to do” list, but know through years of experience that it will be unlikely that they will be able to stick to plan because too many "fires" pop-up daily.  In the end, the only thing they know for certain is that everything will be expected to get done.  Therefore, EMD Tax Consulting is proud to provide you with world-class in-house or offsite assistance with various miscellaneous tax projects for your Income, Sales/Use and/or Property tax groups.  Some of these projects include: 

- Compliance pre-preparation &/or final processing (utilize one of our Administrative Assistants)

- Cost Segregation studies

- Tax projections (impact of filing unitary, business/non-business, relocating shipping or inventory shortage facilities, acquisitions/dispositions, etc.)

- Creating custom detailed tax manuals (hardcopy or on-line)

- Creating custom summary matrixes and charts (taxability, exemptions, apportionment   rules, dividend treatment, foreign income treatment, etc.)

- Tax credit and business incentive studies (R&D, employment, investment, relocation, expansion, etc.)

- Net Operating Loss studies and/or true-ups (IRC Section 382, C/F’s, etc.)

- Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (VDA’s)

- Unclaimed property studies

- Creating tax basis balance sheets

- Tax software implementations and/or enhancements

- Tax process improvements

- Scanning tax files for permanent data retention

- Large copy, data pulling/gathering or data entry projects

- Miscellaneous tax and administrative projects based on your needs