Referral Program

We believe referrals are the greatest compliment a client can provide us.  We sincerely appreciate the confidence you reflect in EMD and the time you take out of your busy schedule to make these referrals.  Therefore, we will reward you or your company for each and every successful new referral made to EMD with a credit towards future EMD services.  This unlimited credit is calculated as follows:


Fortune 1000 Referrals Credit Amount

* RAR Amended State Tax Returns Project

* 1120X Amended State Tax Returns Project

* Reverse State Tax Audit (“Review”) Project

$1,000/each (unlimited)

* Tax Audit or Tax Research Assistance

* Year-End Tax Assistance or Tax Management

* Most Other Tax Projects

$500/each (unlimited)


Individual/Small Biz Referrals Credit Amount


* Monthly Accounting & Payroll Service

$250/each (unlimited)


* Business Set-Ups

* Business Consultation or Tax Preparation

* Business Tax Audit Assistance

$100/each (unlimited)


* Individual Consultation or Tax Preparation

* Individual Tax Audit Assistance

* Most Other Tax Services

$50/each (unlimited)