Everyone hates paying taxes, which is why everyone loves EMD!  Below is a very small sample of how taxpayers of all sizes, across the Nation, feel about EMD's tax-related services.  View more testimonials on our home page slide-show, Google, Linkedin, etc.  Don't wait, get the ultimate peace-of-mind and #Upgrade2EMD now!!!


What are Corporate America's Tax Pros saying?


"Ernie is one of the most solid tax practitioners that I have ever worked with  . . .  I confidently recommend him and EMD Tax Consulting to any tax department in need of high quality tax assistance and an upgrade in tax service."

John Griffin, CPA  -  Sr. Director, State/Local Tax

EMD Millipore (MA)


"EMD discovered and successfully recovered a million dollar tax refund for us. They handled the entire engagement in a very professional manner from start to finish."

Michael J. Todfeld, CPA  -  Director of Tax

FlightSafety International, Inc. (NY)


"EMD did a great job in preparing all of our RAR amended state income tax returns and they even supplied us with sufficient tax savings opportunities to cover their entire fee for the project. We look forward to utilizing them again on future projects."

Steve Spafford, CPA  -  Director of Tax

Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics, Inc. (CA)


"EMD has always provided us with superior quality, service and value on all tax projects. They are a very solid replacement for the Big 4 and other National tax firms."

Tim Ng, CPA  -  Director of Tax

Agfa Corp. (NJ)


"Ernie is the best overall tax practitioner available in the public sector. His work ethic and client-service are truly unmatched."

James F. Cotter, CPA  -  Global Tax Director

Teknor Apex Company (RI)


". . . thank you for the outstanding job that your tax firm did in recovering the federal tax."

Edward J. Daly, CPA  -  Tax Compliance Manager

Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MA)


What are Individuals/Small Businesses saying?



 "EMD has been doing my tax preparation for over 25 years . . . I trust no one else . . . he has followed me around the country and not lost a beat . . . he has also handled my rental property and small business . . . we met back in our days in Corporate America, so I can also testify to his brilliance in handling your corporate matters, always representing the tax department in business joint ventures, IT upgrades, and in process improvement meetings."

William C. (Biz Owner)  -  Pleasant Grove, CA



"I am very happy with EMD Tax Consulting. Ernest's multi-state knowledge is very impressive. I do recommend EMD Tax Consulting to everyone."

Ilona G.  -  Charlotte, NC


"Mr. DeMeneses is very knowledgeable, thorough, and efficient. This, combined with his personable demeanor, make him truly unique in his chosen profession. Mr. DeMeneses is proficient in his knowledge of all 50 states' tax laws as I am based out of FL."

Jonathan W. (Biz Owner)  -  Ft. Lauderdale, FL


"Ernest is an incredibly professional CPA who helped me with a grantor trust filing. I am so happy I went to him for this matter. I wouldn't have been able to do it without his help!"

Ollin V.  -  Las Cruces, NM


". . . We felt like we were in wise experienced hands from the very beginning and look forward to working with him in the future!"

Katherine A. (Biz Owner)  -  St. Louis, MO


"After utilizing many CPA firms throughout the Country . . . , I was referred to EMD . . . due to their flawless reputation. I wish I had made the switch sooner because this is easily the best tax firm!"

Howard E.  -  Thomasville, GA


"Ernie was brilliant . . . no matter which questions we threw at him, he was able to answer immediately. My wife and I were very unsure . . . with what seemed like some complicated filing needs. He handled our case with ease and confidence. We strongly recommend his services to anyone."

Jonathan D. (Biz Owner)  -  Fall River, MA


"Do yourself a favor and have EMD file your returns . . . I had no idea how many mistakes I was making on my income taxes before I went to EMD . . . services like TurboTax are just not reliable, not to mention prone to hackers itching to sell your identity. Be safe, be smart, file with EMD."

Chris H.  -  Milwaukee, WI


"Ernie knows what he's talking about. I threw a bunch of complicated tax stuff at him and he knew exactly how to handle my return. He's honest and transparent and I felt completely comfortable after meeting with him."

David R. (Biz Owner)  -  Warwick, RI


"He fixed all my problems . . . he is the best in the country!!!"

Rogerio V.  -  Naples, ME


"EMD is the best tax guy you can get. Whether you're corporate, business, or personal, EMD has the knowledge and experience to address all your tax needs. I highly recommend EMD."

Paul B. (Biz Owner)  -  Portland, CT


"Great service. Thanks for the help Ernie."

Grant B.  -  Beckley, WV


" Fast and thorough!"

Jeff B.  -  Chapin, SC


"                   "

Chris S.  -  El Paso, TX


"Ernie does an amazing job! He's quick and concise. Being a younger person . . . he makes sure I understand my taxes and everything I need to know in the future! The quality and service you receive from him are unbelievable! Highly recommend!"

Jenna R.  -  Bristol, RI